Technological University Dublin senior lecturer Dr Lorcan Sirr speaks to Wikinews on housing market in Ireland

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Wikinews correspondent J.J. Liu spoke with Technological University Dublin (TUD) senior lecturer at the School of Surveying & Construction Management, Dr Lorcan Sirr on Friday regarding the supply of housing in the Republic of Ireland and relevant parallels across the rest of Europe, as well as recent developments by the government and private sector that are causing a rise in rents and home prices in the Irish real estate market.

Dr Sirr is a regular contributor to The Irish Times and has provided commentary to Irish radio station Newstalk, national broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) and various other publications. In addition to being a chartered planning and development surveyor and assessor to the Society of Chartered Surveyors, Dr Sirr is a Peace Commissioner and former external examiner for the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, according to his profile on Worky.

Dr Sirr was a lecturer and former head of research for the Faculty of the Built Environment at the Dublin Institute of Technology, which entered a merger with two partner institutes to become TUD January 1, 2019. He received his bachelor’s degree in estate management at the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom, and master’s degree in urban design and PhD in town planning at the University of Manchester. He has a second master’s in literature from KU Leuven, Belgium, and speaks French.

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Personal Injury Attorney After An Accident

Grocery shopping is not the most dangerous activity you could do, but sometimes because of the negligence of a business, you could end up seriously injured. You could have a slip-and-fall or something different. If it is because a business is not being careful, you can sue. You will need a personal injury attorney to help you. Some things to look for in a personal injury attorney are their reputation, professionalism, and affordability. Looking at these areas may help you to locate the best attorney for what you are looking for.The reputation of a personal injury attorney is important because it will tell you more of how they might treat you and help you in your case. If you know someone else who has had an accident in a situation like yourself and had good success with the law professional that they chose, then you might do well to ask them who they went to. Try to find a few people that you can get ideas from. If you need more options, you can look online and then look for reviews there as well.Professionalism is important when you are looking for a personal injury attorney. You will want someone who will treat you with a professional attitude and will also handle your case this way. He or she should dress nicely and carry themselves confidently. They should be good communicators to you about what you need to know, but they should also have the ability to communicate with others so that they will do a good job in the court room.If you have been in an accident, you may have some doctor bills, this being the case, you will want to make sure that you do not have to put too much money into hiring a law professional. In order to find out the rates of various firms, you will probably need to call them individually and get a quote. An important part of this is also finding out when you will be required to pay. They should not make you pay until they have won the case.After you look at these and perhaps other areas, you will have some facts to help you better make your decision. If you have been injured then the process of researching this information may be difficult for you. You may need to ask someone to help you do the research, but you will want to be involved in making the final decision. You may wonder if it is really worth it to go through all of these steps just to find a law professional. It may seem like a lot, but you are actually simplifying the process because you will have so many facts to compare, it should not make your decision very difficult. Do not let fear of anything keep you from having the law professional you deserve and the money that you deserve as well.If you are laying in bed after an accident wondering what to do, find some help and begin the process today of finding a law professional to get you through this difficult time. You will not regret it.

Events cancelled at Humber due to college strike

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Due to the province-wide college strike, events at Humber College in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada have been cancelled or delayed.

Latin Jazz Night, set to happen on Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm is cancelled, as is an Evening of Sketch Comedy, which was scheduled for Sunday, March 12 at 8:00 pm.

The Evening of Sketch Comedy is organized by students of the Humber School of Comedy. Humber is the only institution to offer comedy courses at a post-secondary or post-graduate level. The Evening is a part of students’ marks.

Theatre Humber’s production of The Rover has survived the axe. Set to play from Friday, March 31 – Saturday, April 8 at the Humber Theatre, it has been pre-emptively postponed.

Faculty of 24 colleges across the province went on strike as of Monday night, after no deal was made in continued collective bargaining.

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Russian astrologist sues NASA for Deep Impact test

Monday, July 4, 2005

Russian astrologist Marina Bai has filed suit in Moscow asking for 8.7 billion rubles (311 million U.S. dollars) because, she claims, the NASA Deep Impact mission damaged her business by altering her ability to provide accurate horoscopes, harmed her “system of spiritual values,” and will “interfere with the natural life of the universe.”

“It is obvious that elements of the comet’s orbit, and correspondingly the ephemeris, will change after the explosion, which interferes with my astrology work and distorts my horoscope,” Bai was quoted in the daily newspaper, Izvestia.

NASA has refuted similar accusations by pointing out that this impact is only a new addition to many previous collisions already on the comet.

On July 4, NASA successfully crashed a probe into the Tempel 1 comet in hopes the debris kicked up in the resulting explosion could shed light in the building blocks of the early solar system.

The lawsuit, originally filed in June, has not yet been scheduled for an initial hearing, according to Russian authorities.

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Some Ideas For Landscaping A Hill

Some Ideas For Landscaping A Hill


Pamela G. Grizzle

You will need some ideas for landscaping a hill if you live on one. There are actually a number of things and factors that you need to consider when thinking of ideas for landscaping a hill. A hill can be very picturesque to live near and landscaping one can be a challenge.

YouTube Preview Image

Suggestions and Considerations Some ideas for landscaping a hill will be dependent on the steepness of the incline of the hill. For gentle sloping hills, there is actually a lot that you can do by just planting in the area. Ideas for landscaping a hill with a very steep slope are completely different compared to a gentle slope. Other ideas for landscaping a hill that may need consideration are erosion, type of soil and accessibility. Erosion can damage the garden of the landscape that you have done for your hill. Remember that high places are prone to erosion and even landslides that can be dangerous to people living right below you. Another idea for landscaping a hill is to plant trees that are very good at developing root networks that might help to stop erosion and land slides. These trees can help to make the soil more stable as well as provide some shade for you. If you prefer shrubs, some varieties are also great in preventing water run off and building root networks to help prevent erosion. Gentle, sloping hills can be made into a colorful flower garden since these slopes may not have any other use at all. Other ideas for landscaping a hill are to add terraces on the gentle slope to maximize the area that you have. More ideas for landscaping a hill involves how to maintain water in your plants, putting in a retaining wall and putting in steps going up an down the hill. You may have to regularly water the plants planted on a sloping hill to make up for the water that goes down without being absorbed properly. A retaining wall can help prevent landslides and also help to keep the soil from flowing down as you water you plants. Steps is a good idea for landscaping a hill because it gives you some way to go up and down and it might also help with erosion problems. These ideas for landscaping a hill can help prevent an accident and also prevent your garden from being washed off the slope of the hill. They not only provide beautiful greenery and flowers but also help to retain the hill.

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Quality, innovation and competitiveness centre-stage at Taipei Int’l Hardware & DIY Show

Friday, October 19, 2007

The 7th Taipei International Hardware & DIY Show, organized by Kaigo Taiwan (The representative of Koelnmesse in Taiwan) and Koelnmesse GmbH, started on October 18-20 at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 3. This show has 183 participants using 300 booths to exhibit accessories and tools on esoteric fabricating, home-living applications, and security.

With people in Taiwan valuing on the quality of home-living, the organizer set a pre-show pavilion of “2008 Taipei Home & Lifestyle Fair” and invited B&Q & HomeBox holding DIY workshops for visitors.

This exhibition is conjuncted with industry and applications, and pursuing with three main topics of “Quality, Innovation and Competitiveness”. International factories such as Hitachi, Rexon, Ryobi participated this show for the export opportunity in the hardware industry.

After the “Product Certificates and Testing” pavilion in TAITRONICS Autumn, Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, M.O.E.A., R.O.C. (Taiwan) and DIY in Europe magazine were invited for speeches focused on certifications on hardware & DIY products and environment issues in EU.

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Czech PM calls Obama’s rescue plan a ‘road to hell’

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mirek Topolanek, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and the head of the European Union, called United States President Barack Obama’s plan to spend almost US$2 trillion to revive the country’s faltering economy a “road to hell”.

“The US treasury secretary talks about permanent action and we at our [EU summit] were quite alarmed by that. He talks about an extensive US stimulus campaign. All of these steps are the road to hell,” ((translated from Czech))Czech language: ? he said, warning that the US’s massive bailouts could risk destabilising financial markets worldwide. He urged other EU governments to avoid making similar plans.

The remarks were made during Topolanek’s report to Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France on Wednesday.

The comments are in sharp contrast to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown‘s speech to the European Parliament on Tuesday, in which he spoke of a “new era” of cooperation in the ongoing global recession between the United States and Europe.

“Never in recent years have we had an American leadership so keen at all levels to cooperate with Europe on financial stability, climate change, security and development,” Brown said Tuesday.

Mirek Topolanek has become a lame duck prime minister after he was ousted in a vote of no confidence in his government in Prague late Tuesday.

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North Korean veteran statesman Ri Yong Mu dies aged 97

Saturday, January 29, 2022

North Korean state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun reported yesterday that high-ranking political and military official Ri Yong-mu died of acute myocardial infarction on Thursday morning at age 97.

Ri held positions in the State Inspection Commission, the Ministry of Public Security, the Traffic Commission and in the General Political Bureau of the Korean People’s Army (KPA). Ri also held for almost 20 years the position of vice-chairman of the National Defence Commission, according to the Rodong Sinmun.

The paper described Ri as being “a revolutionary soldier loyal to President Kim Il-sung and Chairman Kim Jong-il and a veteran revolutionary who lived a worthwhile life under the great trust and care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong-un”. The article continued by qualifying his work as “feats […] performed with total dedication to the [Workers’ Party of Korea] and the revolution [that] will be remembered long by our people and the officers and men of the People’s Army”.

State-run radio Voice of Korea reported that current leader Kim Jong-un visited the grave of the deceased, expressing “deep condolences on the occasion of his demise”. Senior Party and KPA officials Jo Yong-won, Kim Tok-hun, Pak Jong-chon, Ri Il-hwan, Ri Yong-gil and Kwon Yong-jin accompanied leader Kim to Ri Yong-mu’s grave. Voice of Korea described Ri as being “a precious revolutionary comrade who made strenuous efforts for the strengthening and development of the Party, state and revolutionary armed forces until the last moment of his life”.

A Yonhap News Agency article reported Ri Yong-mu was awarded the Order of Kim Il-sung in 1992, the Order of Kim Jong-il in 2012. Ri was also a recipient of the honorary title Hero of the Republic.

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Spyware, Hijackers, Adware, Dialers, Or Keyloggers: Get Free Protection From All Of Them!

Submitted by: Carl R. LeRoy

Free SpywareSpyware, Hijackers, Adware, Dialers, or Keyloggers: Get free protection from all of them! Have you ever had the experience of finding programs installed in your computer without your knowledge? What about being annoyed by numerous popup advertisements? How about your start page or home page changing all the time? What about your search results suddenly changing or your computer dialing out? Chances are you have been a victim of spyware, hijackers, adware, dialers, or keyloggers. Terms Defined Let s take a look at some of these computer menaces.

Spyware This is an infectious program installed surreptitiously in the computer system and supplies the software writer or the website which installed it confidential information about the user, may it be the websites you often visit, your activities in the computer, or even your password and credit card number. It can get into your computer in the form of a software virus or as a consequence of installing a program.

Hijackers Sometimes called hijackware, this program changes your computer s browser settings in such a way that you are brought to web sites that you had no intention of looking into in the first place. These hijackers are often start pages and search pages to customers who pay for the service because of the traffic generated by them. This malware may slow your computer and cause your browser to crash.

YouTube Preview Image

Adware This is a program designed to display advertisements on your personal computer. And we are not talking about your normal advertisement every time you visit a website. Adware uses popup ad windows or even voice messages that are not by any means connected to the websites that you often visit.

Dialers – These are programs installed into your computer system, which may rake you thousands of dollars in phone bill. A web dialer can be installed like a virus, Trojan, or any other malicious code into your computer system through e-mail attachments or downloaded software. Once installed, it will dial charge lines even when the user is not viewing a pay-per-view web site. Charges may range from a few pennies to dollars per minute.

Keyloggers – Also known as keystroke loggers, keyloggers record your keystrokes in the computer (more sophisticated types may even capture screen shots) and will log or report them to the individual who installed them. Some companies use the commercial type to monitor employee resource use or monitor corporate spies. Law enforcement agencies may also use keyloggers to collect evidence against suspected criminals. However, some may use these keystroke loggers to spy on their co-workers and bosses. Protection Where do we get protection from these computer security threats?

What should we look for a free spyware and what-have-you removal system? There are a few things that we can take into consideration before we download a free spyware remover from the Internet:

1. A good spyware remover should provide effective protection against the software infections mentioned above (since they are the main software infections that give away confidential details about the user and decreases the efficiency of your computer), as well as all other malicious software invented by man if possible.

2. Your free spyware remover should come with cleaners so that you ll be able to detect spyware online. Free spyware cleaner programs also remove spyware programs that are running currently in your computer. After installing your free spyware remover, download the current anti-virus definitions available in the Internet. You may use two or more to guarantee that all malware threats are discovered and removed quickly. Also, you may want to have a full system scan every week. Make sure that your security program and anti-virus are always enabled to scan all e-mails, may they be incoming or outgoing.

What are you waiting for? Clear your computer now of malicious software and programs.

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