Offshore Php Asp .Net Developer Available For Hiring

Submitted by: Sumi Gadia

Nowadays technologies all over world are growing expeditiously with the oppurtunity to gain more and more business worldwide. To constitute their presence world wide various programming languages are available like PHP, ASP.Net , Java etc. Among these PHP is most leading and preferably advanced programming language.

Basically Pre Processor Hypertext i.e PHP is a extensively – used general-purpose scripting language that especially go for Web development and can be implant into HTML. It supports all the database like Oracle, MySQL, Sybase and operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS and hence all these database and operating system attribute made PHP a most popular language among other languages. With the help of PHP programming language, Highly skilled professional programmers and developers design websites which are customer oriented and eye catchy in itself with attracting templates and best themes. Also the best dynamic pages , business pages which can be small or large according to business holders or client’s need.

PHP Developers:

Developers built business web pages for business holders and personal web pages according to the client’s needs. This is an open source programming language by which they can provide cost-effective complete programming solutions. Highly skilled professional developers can create enormous websites with all the above facilitates.

Also, the beyond compare programming services provided by PHP programmers and developers :-

PHP web development

Create MVC framework



Templating engines such as Smarty

E-commerce solution for PHP

Caching techniques to optimize system performance

DBMS platforms such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, etc.

Custom PHP application development

PHP Zend

Today, in this cyber world, web portal development service has been using universaly by all buiseness holders. Web portals can be created as per the demands and concern of the customers. The best design can be bring into exsistence B2B, B2C portal and several other portals for small industry as well as large enterprises. They can also provide open source development to architect online shopping stores, channels, advertisements all that promote e-commerce solutions.

Advantages of hiring PHP developers and offshore developer :

Available at cost-effective rate

Assurance of quality work

Delivery on time

Client support


High qualification with best skills

Advanced technology

Support and maintenance

Benefits of hiring dedicated developers are enormous. We provide best developers in the industry as per clients project requirements and who can manage our dedicated programmer as a virtual offshore PHP developer employee to handle any sort of challenging jobs.

This advanced growing scripting language moves the business beyond your expectation level in this highly competitive market. They are providing a huge range of solutions to the world for various needs.

Offshore PHP Develope

Hiring dedicated offshore developer from offshore outsourcing companies have become a great appeal in today’s web development market. The offshore outsourcing IT companies provides services of dedicated PHP developers. Client can hire dedicated programmer or staff as per their project requirements and manage our dedicated programmer as a virtual offshore employee. Our offshore developer dedicated development team will customized your business needs and its works like an in-house staff with optimal results and control in software development process.

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Malaysian fans riot at delayed opening of Indian film

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Angry fans of popular Indian film actor Rajinikanth rioted in 10 cinemas in Malaysia after the release of the actor’s latest movie was delayed by technical problems.

The release of Sivaji: The Boss was supposed to occur simultaneously across southern India and Tamil-speaking parts of Malaysia on Thursday. But not enough prints of the film were available, so cinemas in Malaysia had to resort to trying to screen digital versions of the movie on equipment they were unfamiliar with, which led to the delays and glitches. Fans found the situation unacceptable.

According to a report in today’s New Straits Times, the worst-hit in the mayhem was the Sri Intan Theatre in Klang, in Selangor state. Patrons had started lining up at 4 p.m. local time (0800 GMT), and waited five hours for the show to start.

Due to technical problems, it started late at 10:30 p.m., with tickets for both the 9 p.m. and midnight shows fully booked. Then, halfway through the film, at around 11:30 p.m., the screening was halted due to “technical problems”, according to the cinema manager, and could not be fixed.

The management announced that the show had to be cancelled and offered to refund the ticket money, but then the crowd became unhinged. Glass displays, lights and speakers were smashed. The screen and curtains were torn. Chairs were ripped apart, and wood panelling damaged. According to another local daily, The Star, angry fans even briefly set fire to the building, but it was quickly extinguished by cinema staff.

The Sri Intan has suspended screenings while repairs are made. Damage is been estimated at 70,000 Malaysian ringgit (about US$20,000).

In Ipoh, about 125 miles (200 kilometres) north of Kuala Lumpur, police were summoned to control unruly crowds at the Sri Kinta cinema. A cinema manager was beaten by irate fans, and he was taken to the hospital with head injuries that required stitches.

Police were also called in at a cinema Penang, where patrons banged on ticket counters, demanding refunds and that the movie be shown. The first showing finally got under way after a three-hour delay.

Fistfights broke out at a cinema in Rawang, where fans threw bottles and smashed glass cases.

In Kuala Lumpur, the venerable Coliseum Theatre also had an unruly crowd.

“People grew impatient and started pushing, resulting in a broken glass panel at the counter. We only got the movie at 4:30 p.m. and started selling the tickets at 4:45 p.m.,” theater owner Chua Seong Siew was quoted as saying in the New Straits Times.

The movie distributor said the delay was due to not enough prints of the film being sent from AVM, the Chennai-based production company.

“Rain and delay in getting the digital password from India for security reasons to beat piracy were the primary reasons for the delay and cancellations. Because of the rain, our delivery was affected and as a result, there was a delay in the screening of the movie,” S. Vel Paari, head of distributor Pyramid Saimira Theatre Chain, was quoted as saying by The Star.

Paari said he had ordered 53 copies of the film, but only got 42.

“The remaining 11 prints had to be downloaded through the Internet,” he explained to The Star.

The film, Sivaji: The Boss, is a 185-minute cavalcade of action, romance and song-and-dance numbers, starring Rajinikanth, one of the most popular stars of Tamil cinema, which is also known as “Kollywood“, the second-largest of the Indian film industry after the Hindi-languageBollywood“. Budgeted at US$15 million, which is huge by Indian-industry standards, the film is said to be the most expensive yet made in India.

The film’s flamboyant 57-year-old star, Rajnikanth, has a cult-like following in Tamil-speaking southern India, and tickets to the film have been sold out for weeks.

In Malaysia, about 10 percent of the population of 26 million are ethnic Indians, most of them Tamil.

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Wikinews interviews Australian sit skier Victoria Pendergast

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yesterday, Wikinews spent time with with Australian Paralympic skier Victoria Pendergast who was in Copper Mountain, Colorado for this week’s IPC Nor-Am Cup.

((Wikinews)) I’m interviewing Victoria Pendergast who is an Australian female sit skier on the development team.

Victoria Pendergast: Yer, that’s right.

((Wikinews)) How have you been doing here [Copper Mountain] so far?

Victoria Pendergast: Yer, its been alright. Like some races not so good, other races I was pretty happy with the results. We’ve got Winter Park to look forward to, so bit of a warm-up, but, trying to get results.

((Wikinews)) Before this [skiing] the other sport you’ve done is athletics? You competed at that for the games or was that somebody else?

Victoria Pendergast: No, that was me. I did it for the school, did shot put and did swimming for a bit.

((Wikinews)) Why would someone switch from athletics to be a crazy mono skier?

Victoria Pendergast: It was a bit of a crazy sort of events kinda went here with my family and then one thing lead to another and like wanted to give sit skiing a go.

((Wikinews)) Australia doesn’t have many female sit skiers, are you shooting for Sochi?

Victoria Pendergast: It would be nice to get it. It’d be a bit hard to get points to get into it but, you know, if I can get the points to get into Sochi, I’ve got some […].

((Wikinews)) Cool. Thank you very much.

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What’s Amazing With The Amazing Forex System?

By Nicholas Jarder

Amazing Forex System is an eBook about a forex trading strategy developed by Robert Borowski. To an experienced trader, there is really nothing amazing with the eBook nor the trading strategy contained therein. However, the trading strategy never-the-less is a proven technique and employs well-founded and logical reasoning.

The Amazing Forex System employs a popular trading strategy called ‘trading the news’ which I have often used myself in the past with a great deal of success. Basically, the strategy calls for placing two orders (a buy and a sell order) simultaneously just minutes before a highly anticipated, market moving news hit the wires. The news comes in the form of agency reports which by law are mandated to be released publicly and on a calendared basis. The news normally contains economic data and/or policy pronouncements that may greatly impact the currency market. Economic news reports of great significance often throw the market into a frenzied state. Interest rates, unemployment and export rates, or the central bank’s policy shifts, can drive the market crazy.

Since the release of such highly anticipated news is often followed by substantial price movements, there is nothing more for the trader to know except to pin down the exact date and the exact time the news is to be released to the media. Where ever the market goes, up or down, or however the major players react to the news will be of no consequence. With this strategy, the trader is sure to catch the trend and trade the opportunity for profit.


The Amazing Forex System may be too simplistic and rather straightforward to many sophisticated traders but it works! In fact I have seen an automated trading system that has incorporated a robot built with the same principles. Besides, as I have said earlier, I have used a similar trading strategy in the past with great success.

There is no perfect trading system. They all have flaws. Similarly, the Amazing Forex System has its own flaws. Here are some of them.

The market becomes highly volatile during important news events. During such times, the dealers widen their spread. This will definitely impact your bottom line.

Big market moves especially those triggered by news events are often accompanied by equally big whipsaw movements. Prices may soar in one direction for a while only to be whipsawed back to the other direction. This can turn your profit into losses if you are not fast enough to get out of the market while you are still ahead! Or, if you have not cancelled out your other entry order, it could be triggered by the whipsaw move leaving you locked up with losses. To avoid such situations, you need to place OCO (one cancels the other) orders.

The stop loss order in this strategy is set at 10 pips. In a very volatile market this is considered too tight! For all you know, the market may momentarily move against your position, trigger your stop, then return again to resume its move. In short, with the tight stops it employs, you can be unnecessarily taken out of the market despite trading in the right direction.

But even with these misgivings, I still think the Amazing Forex System is a workable trading system which can be a profitable after a few adjustments. With some more fine-tuning and a lot of actual hands-on testing of the Amazing Forex System may yet prove its value with consistent profitable trades!

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Amazing Forex System

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Dairy cattle with names produce more milk, according to new study

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Giving a cow a name and treating her as an individual with “more personal touch” can increase milk production, so says a scientific research published in the online “Anthrozoos,” which is described as a “multidisciplinary journal of the interactions of people and animals”.

The Newcastle University‘s School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development’s (of the Newcastle University Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering) researchers have found that farmers who named their dairy cattle Ermintrude, Daisy, La vache qui rit, Buttercup, Betsy, or Gertrude, improved their overall milk yield by almost 500 pints (284 liters) annually. It means therefore, an average-sized dairy farm’s production increases by an extra 6,800 gallons a year.

“Just as people respond better to the personal touch, cows also feel happier and more relaxed if they are given a bit more one-to-one attention,” said Dr Catherine Douglas, lead researcher of the university’s School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. “By placing more importance on the individual, such as calling a cow by her name or interacting with the animal more as it grows up, we can not only improve the animal’s welfare and her perception of humans, but also increase milk production,” she added.

Drs Douglas and Peter Rowlinson have submitted the paper’s conclusion: “What our study shows is what many good, caring farmers have long since believed. Our data suggests that, on the whole, UK dairy farmers regard their cows as intelligent beings capable of experiencing a range of emotions.” The scientific paper also finds that “if cows are slightly fearful of humans, they could produce [the hormone] cortisol, which suppresses milk production,” Douglas noted. “Farmers who have named their cows, probably have a better relationship with them. They’re less fearful, more relaxed and less stressed, so that could have an effect on milk yield,” she added.

South Norfolk goldtop-milk producer Su Mahon, one of the country’s top breeder of Jersey dairy herds, agreed with Newcastle’s findings. “We treat all our cows like one of the family and maybe that’s why we produce more milk,” said Mrs Mahon. “The Jersey has got a mind of its own and is very intelligent. We had a cow called Florence who opened all the gates and we had to get the welder to put catches on to stop her. One of our customers asked me the other day: ‘Do your cows really know their names?’ I said: I really haven’t a clue. We always call them by their names – Florence or whatever. But whether they really do, goodness knows,” she added.

The researchers’ comparative study of production from the country’s National Milk Records reveals that “dairy farmers who reported calling their cows by name got 2,105 gallons (7,938 liters) out of their cows, compared with 2,029 gallons (7,680 liters) per 10-month lactation cycle, and regardless of the farm size or how much the cows were fed. (Some 46 percent of the farmers named their cows.)”

The Newcastle University team which has interviewed 516 UK dairy farmers, has discovered that almost half – 48% – called the cows by name, thereby cutting stress levels and reported a higher milk yield, than the 54% that did not give their cattle names and treated as just one of a herd. The study also reveals cows were made more docile while being milked.

“We love our cows here at Eachwick, and every one of them has a name,” said Dennis Gibb, with his brother Richard who co-owns Eachwick Red House Farm outside of Newcastle. “Collectively, we refer to them as ‘our ladies,’ but we know every one of them and each one has her own personality. They aren’t just our livelihood, they’re part of the family,” Gibb explained.

“My brother-in-law Bobby milks the cows and nearly all of them have their own name, which is quite something when there are about 200 of them. He would be quite happy to talk about every one of them. I think this research is great but I am not at all surprised by it. When you are working with cows on a daily basis you do get to know them individually and give then names.” Jackie Maxwell noted. Jackie and her husband Neill jointly operate the award-winning Doddington Dairy at Wooler, Doddington, Northumberland, which makes organic ice cream and cheeses with milk from its own Friesian cows.

But Marcia Endres, a University of Minnesota associate professor of dairy science, has criticized the Newcastle finding. “Individual care is important and could make a difference in health and productivity. But I would not necessarily say that just giving cows a name would be a foolproof indicator of better care,” she noted. According to a 2007 The Scientist article, named or otherwise, dairy cattle make six times more milk today than they did in the 1990s. “One reason is growth hormone that many U.S. farmers now inject their cows with to increase their milk output; another is milking practices that extend farther into cows’ pregnancies, according to the article; selective breeding also makes for lots of lactation,” it states.

Critics claimed the research was flawed and confused a correlation with causation. “Basically they asked farmers how to get more milk and whatever half the farmers said was the conclusion,” said Hank Campbell, author of Scientific Blogging. In 1996, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs provided for a complex new cattle passport system where farmers were issued with passport identities. The first calf born under the new regime were given names like “UK121216100001.”

Dr Douglas, however, counters that England doesn’t permit dairy cattle to be injected hormones. The European Union and Canada have banned recombinant bovine growth hormone (rGBH), which increases mastitis infection, requiring antibiotics treatment of infected animals. According to the Center for Food Safety, rGBH-treated cows also have higher levels of the hormone insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1), which may be associated with cancer.

In August 2008, Live Science published a study which revealed that cows have strange sixth sense of magnetic direction and are not as prone to cow-tipping. It cited a study of Google Earth satellite images which shows that “herds of cattle tend to face in the north-south direction of Earth’s magnetic lines while grazing or resting.”

Newcastle University is a research intensive university in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north-east of England. It was established as a School of Medicine and Surgery in 1834 and became the “University of Newcastle upon Tyne” by an Act of Parliament in August 1963.

The School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development is a school of the Newcastle University Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering, a faculty of Newcastle University. It was established in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne as the College of Physical Science in 1871 for the teaching of physical sciences, and was part of Durham University. It existed until 1937 when it joined the College of Medicine to form King’s College, Durham.

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Solar sail craft may have made orbit

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Planetary Society have stated that their experimental solar sail craft Cosmos 1 is probably lost, but intermittent signals have given them some hope the mission has made orbit.

The 100kg vehicle was launched atop a converted ICBM from a Russian nuclear submarine, however it is believed the first stage of the Volna booster rocket failed 83 seconds into the flight. The team behind the $4m craft have a slim hope that it managed to reach a low orbit, and efforts to pick up the tracking beacon are continuing.

Signals have apparently been received by at least two tracking stations around the globe – in the Czech Republic, and in the Marshall Islands. The Planetary Society are being assisted by the US Strategic Command in an effort to find the spacecraft, if it did make orbit.

However a scientist from the Czech station has said they have received only noise.

If Cosmos-1 is in orbit, the onboard computer may still be functioning and could begin to unfurl the 30 meter diameter sail in three days time.

A solar sail harnesses pressure exerted upon the sail by photons from the sun to push the craft along. Although its acceleration is very slow, it can go on nearly indefinitely (as long as the Sun exists). It was hoped Cosmos-1 would use a 30 m diameter sail to reach an orbit 800km above the Earth, as a demonstration of the potential of the technology.

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Computer Startup Problems

Submitted by: Faith Bradley

A lot of complains regarding computer problems pertain to either efficiency, velocity or network troubles. Nevertheless, personal computer startup problems, though not as ubiquitous because the aforementioned ones do occur and once they do, they’re really harassing! Although problems connected to job velocity, OS efficiency and network problems can be troubleshot by following the proper instructions, startup troubles certainly are a trifle hard to identify and troubleshoot since, hello there….it won’t commence up within the 1st place, fellas! Properly, that doesn’t suggest you ought to give in to despair. The next segment is definitely an attempt to make troubleshooting laptop or computer startup difficulties easier for you having a manual to diagnose exactly what reasons give rise to particular startup troubles.

How to Fix Personal computer Startup Difficulties

From booting concerns to pen up battery life to free cables to malware issues, you’ll find numerous reasons why your computer could show reluctance to startup correctly or it may well flatly refuse to startup in any way! Listed here are some typical reasons why this happens, along with approaches to fix them individually.

Error Communication Flashes


Has it at any time happened that anytime you try to startup your Pc or laptop, an error message flashes, followed by consecutive rebooting makes an attempt by your pc or failure to begin up properly? Properly, there can be two notable reasons driving this error communication thingy – possibly a file or assistance is trying to load by itself each time you turn your PC/ laptop computer on and hindering the startup method or even the remaining part of a lately deleted plan is triggering the mischief. In case you are employing a Windows OS, it is possible to configure your system to not load the file or program (that will get mentioned inside the error communication) even though starting up. In situation a element of the deleted plan (that are plan information that might remain in the event you had deleted the program manually) is behind the concern, the very best way to do away with it is to go ahead and reinstall the system all more than once more. Once you have done that, go to manage panel and select the alternative Add or Take away Applications. Select the system you want to remove from the checklist which is exhibited and click on ‘Yes’, when asked, “Do you need to eliminate the system?

Dilemma in Loading OS

At times, the laptop or computer begins up and boots without having a hitch but the truants start when it makes an attempt to load the OS. In this kind of a case, switch to secure mode and examine in Gadget Supervisor (Windows) to determine if it is a fault with any from the drivers. In case of startup and OS loading problems in Windows XP, you are able to resort to System Restore to obtain your system back for the issue through which it started up and ran prior to this particular crash happened.

Corrupt Grasp Boot Report (MBR)

This really is one in the most typical personal computer startup issues in Windows seven and Windows Vista OS. A very precise indicator of this problem is when you try the Startup Fix tool to repair it and it will come up with a clean chit, telling you no problem was discovered! One really common cause powering this misdiagnosis is running the tool when a USB flash push is connected for your program. This causes the Startup Restore tool to scan and run the analysis for your USB push as opposed to the system’s inbuilt hard disk generate as it views the USB drive as a partition as opposed to an external attachment. The treatment is always to uninstall and get rid of the external USB push ahead of running the Startup fix instrument. This time, the diagnosis will likely be appropriate and you are able to effortlessly fix the corrupted MBR by following the step-by-step directions.

OS Crash or Freeze

Occasionally, a malware or virus can cause the OS to crash or perhaps the computer to freeze although loading. In Windows XP, this might be noticed within the type of a blue screen that appears just following the Welcome display, adopted by a DOS set up kind of atmosphere. No amount of rebooting attempts can restore this and it is possible to only operate your personal computer on secure mode. The one treatment is to get the tough disc out manually, install it in an additional program and run a full Antivirus scan on it. Thereafter, the tough disc may be reinstalled towards the authentic method and, if needed, Windows could be reinstalled utilizing the set up DVD or a bootable USB drive.


A couple of other problems that could lead to startup issues contain corruption of core method files, hardware malfunction issues top to overheating, and so on. In case of corrupted core method information, specifically in Windows, it is possible to get a duplicate of that information from a commonly running system and replace the corrupted ones using the uncorrupted types. Hardware malfunctions such as overheating because of admirer not working along with a dying motherboard battery need to have handbook specialized interest. I would suggest you solicit the help of the computer hardware technician to get the issue fixed in case you your self don’t have sufficient expertise dealing with problems like these. A lifeless motherboard battery tends to make your method return to factory a setting, which makes beginning up impossible. Laptop Chargers Ireland will be the only choice right here. You are able to diagnose battery issue by just checking if your program clock continues to be constantly shedding time. If that’s the case, you can get the battery changed even ahead of you face a total blackout situation.

Individuals had been some frequent startup concerns confronted by pc consumers. In case, the pc refuses to display any indication of existence following switching on or regardless of becoming linked into a energy supply, the problem might be traced into a battery concern (within a notebook or laptop computer) or faulty connection and loose cables (in case of the desktop). In case of battery malfunction, you should check the adapter to determine if it truly is Laptop Chargers Ireland battery effectively. Also, in situation of quite aged batteries, a sudden die-out isn’t unusual.

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Australian Governor-General visits Wagga Wagga

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wagga Wagga, New South Wales —Sunday, Governor-General of Australia, Quentin Bryce and her husband, Michael Bryce, visited the city of Wagga Wagga to launch the Junior Teams event and present the awards to the winners at the 2013 Allen’s Coaches World Championship Gumi, meet the North Wagga Wagga residents who were affected by the March 2012 floods and meet a small group of volunteers from the NSW RFS, SES and the VRA at a community barbecue at Wagga Beach.

After the Gumi presentations, Governor-General Bryce addressed the media about the Gumi, stating that “It’s so quirky and I love the way it brings this community together, this community that’s known for its fantastic spirit.” She also commented on the floods which affected the suburb of North Wagga in March 2012. Bryce stated that “A very special thing for me was being at North Wagga Wagga this morning, to see people again whom I meet almost a year ago after the devastation of the floods in that part of the city, […] So many people have a long way to recover but their spirit, resilience, courage and determination, what they’ve been though, is a source for inspiration to all of us.”

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Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Journalist, counselor, painter, and US 2012 Presidential candidate Joe Schriner of Cleveland, Ohio took some time to discuss his campaign with Wikinews in an interview.

Schriner previously ran for president in 2000, 2004, and 2008, but failed to gain much traction in the races. He announced his candidacy for the 2012 race immediately following the 2008 election. Schriner refers to himself as the “Average Joe” candidate, and advocates a pro-life and pro-environmentalist platform. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, and has published public policy papers exploring solutions to American issues.

Wikinews reporter William Saturn? talks with Schriner and discusses his campaign.

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Canada denies visa for Africa’s top biosafety negotiator

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dr. Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher, the Ethiopian government’s chief scientist and its representative to the Montreal-based UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) had his passport returned without the requested Canadian visa, and without explanation. Dr. Tewolde is Africa’s chief negotiator for the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety.

Tewolde had announced he would be visiting Montreal the first week of August to lobby for the labeling of genetically modified (GM) seeds and food products and urge companies and governments to accept liability for environmental contamination their seeds could lead to. Canada has yet to ratify the UN biosafety protocol and opposes compulsory genetically modified labeling and liability.

Dr. Tewolde has worked against terminator technology (genetically-modified seed rendered sterile at harvest time, forcing farmers to buy new seeds each growing season). In the past, Dr. Tewolde has disagreed with Canadian scientists on proposed methods to regulate GM products.

“Dr. Tewolde is one of the most respected scientists in his field,” said Pat Mooney, representative for the conservationist ETC Group in Ottawa, “If the Canadian government can’t make sure Dr. Tewolde has his visa for the opening of the meetings, Canada does not deserve to host the Convention on Biological Diversity.”

Dr. Tewolde himself is concerned that Canada’s actions signal a pattern, “Now that I have been prevented from coming to Montreal, who knows which ones of you will be prevented next time?” he wrote.

This closely mirrors another more recent incident where 12 Ugandans (mainly youths) were denied visas by the Canadian High Commission in Kenya. After making two applications and having met all the requirements asked by the commission, the Ugandan delegation was still denied visas.

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