Keep The Memory Of Your Loved One Alive With An Engraved Garden Bench

Keep the Memory of Your Loved One Alive with an Engraved Garden Bench


Renee Wood, MSW

The grieving that follows the death of a loved one can be very painful. Everyone copes and finds ways to move through the grieving process in different ways. Emotional support from family, friends, and therapists can be invaluable to healing from a great loss. While it is healthy to continue on with your life, many grieving individuals also find that it is important to keep the memory of their loved one alive. This can be done in many ways.


These days, many people are choosing to remember someone special in their life with a garden bench that has been engraved with, In loving memory of (deceased persons name), or any other words that keep that persons memory alive.

Memorial benches can be placed in private or public spaces. If you have a garden or a backyard space where you like to sit often, a garden bench dedicated to your loved one can be placed in that area. Many people also choose to put their memorial bench in a public space so that a greater number of peoplefamilies, friends, coworkers, and otherscan sit and reflect on the deceased persons life.

Memorial benches can be made of a variety of materials. Those made of wood can have a plaque attached with the deceased individuals name and other words of your choice. If you would like a bench that lasts for many decades, a stone cast concrete bench that is designed to have the beautiful look of real stone offers a durable solution. A benefit of stone cast concrete benches is that they can include longer engravings such as a special poem or quote that means something to you.

If you do opt for a bench with a poem or quote, you will have endless options. Choose a poem by a poet that your loved one admired. You will also find memorial benches that already include engravings such as, Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, so loved, so missed, so very dear.

If you choose to place a memorial bench in your garden, you are likely to find that tending to your garden becomes a healing process and the memorial bench helps to keep the memory of your loved one alive. The area will become your space for finding solace whenever you need it most, and will offer others a space to remember the special person that you shared your lives with.

Renee Wood founded

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in 2000. She is a social worker that has helped families deal with the loss or pending loss of a child, as well as aiding patients in the end-stage of renal failure. The gifts provided by The Comfort Company offer

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as well as hope for healing hearts.

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Keep the Memory of Your Loved One Alive with an Engraved Garden Bench

Why Real Rattan Is Great For Rattan Garden Furniture

Why Real Rattan is Great for Rattan Garden Furniture


Travis Rivera

It is important to see how the rattan materials in rattan garden furniture are made when finding something beautiful to use in any garden. Good rattan garden furniture can be made with real materials in mind. This is used to create the best possible furniture in a garden.

The first reason why it helps to find real rattan is that it can be easier to prepare for any piece of rattan garden furniture. This kind of furniture is often prepared with a series of long materials. This comes from how rattan is noted for being a climbing palm that can grow to be exceptionally long. This should make it easy for anyone to handle without any issues.


It is also helpful to find real rattan because it can be durable. It is able to handle weights consistently and without issues. This is different from what some other rattan garden furniture pieces might feature. Some are simply painted to look like they are made with actual rattan materials when in reality they are not very durable like real rattan is.

Also, real rattan is known for being able to handle all kinds of weather issues. It will not be difficult to get this furniture to work with a design that is comfortable and easy to handle. This is a benefit in that a user will easily get one s furniture to not only look attractive but will also survive outdoor conditions that might cause other kinds of materials to wrap and become damaged.

In fact, rattan garden furniture can be prepared with real and untreated items in mind. The problem with some pieces of furniture is that they are prepared with artificial sprays that are used to help keep fungus materials off of them. This often makes the rattan more susceptible to fungus materials after the spray is handled. Fortunately, real rattan is known to be naturally resistant to these items and will be safe to use outdoors without any risks coming from the rattan being damaged by some kind of impact on it.

The final point is that it will look a little more natural in a garden if the rattan is real. This is needed to help keep a consistent look that is appealing and functional at the same time so anyone can get a great and attractive looking garden ready with great furniture accents.

These are great things that show why it is such a good idea to find rattan garden furniture that is real and safe to handle. Real rattan garden furniture can be made with not only authentic rattan materials but can also last for a while and will not be subjected to some of the damage issues that fake rattan materials can come with.

Plastic Garden Furniture


Rattan Garden Furniture

in particular has been a big hit, believes the author who tracks the furniture industry.

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How To Take Care Of The Lawn

How to Take Care of the Lawn



The key to have a beautiful exterior lies in the lawn outside your house. No matter how small or big your garden or front yard is you can turn it out to be the most beautiful garden in the entire block. Having green luscious plants, velvety soft grass creatively molded fencing Royersford and the most gorgeous garden is something we all desire to have while imagining about our front lawn. Well it is not like a dream which cannot be realized or is beyond realities. Yes it can be made possible but you will have to invest some time, some labor and some money to have the most beautiful garden in your neighborhood. If you really want to work hard for that dreamy garden where you can spend your lazy weekend\’s afternoons then here are some tips to have that:

While choosing the plants for the garden makes sure that you go for the ones which are evergreen or at least last for a long time. Hence you do not have to keep on spending on buying new plants every season.


Contact landscape Pottstown artist to have your garden landscape designed as per the exterior of your house and your surroundings. You can choose any theme to perk up the look of your garden. The designer will plan the layout of the plants, trees, fencing, lighting, water works and other features that will constitute to be your amazing garden.

Choose such grass which is as per the environment of your locality. If you live in a dry area then go for the grass mats which won\’t need much water to sustain. Such type of grasses has deeper roots and they keep a strong hold on the moisture of the soil thus providing it to the other plants as well.

The fencing Collegeville of the garden serves two different purposes at the same time. It will provide safety, security and privacy to your garden along with adding to its beauty. Thus choose such fencing which is beautifully molded using a strong durable material. There are various materials used in making the fencing like wood, iron, aluminum and steel. You can have any of them as per your budget.

Do not use inorganic manure and fertilizer in your garden. They are not environmental friendly and they can pose harm to the health of your family. Thus try to have the organic biodegradable manure in the lawn care Montgomery.


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