Cal Bar Attorney Search: An Overlooked Resource

The path to finding a reputable attorney in California can be a daunting and challenging process. Today, we will discuss the California Bar Association’s Attorney Search – a tool that makes this process simpler, less stressful, and more time-effective. This tool, often referred to as ‘Cal Bar Attorney Search‘, allows anyone to access crucial information about an attorney’s credentials, disciplinary history, and more.

The Cal Bar Attorney Search is a free online resource that allows people to search for any attorney admitted to practice in the State of California and obtain factual, up-to-date information. This database is run by the State Bar of California and is an essential part of the association’s commitment to transparency and public protection.

When individuals are in the process of selecting an attorney for a legal matter, understanding the lawyer’s history could play a significant role in making the decision. This is where the Cal Bar Attorney Search tool shines, as it provides the public with access to an attorney’s public record of discipline.

An essential part of a lawyer’s record includes their discipline history, meaning any disciplinary actions due to ethical violations. This can involve anything from minor infractions, such as failing to communicate with a client timely or more severe offenses like misappropriation of client funds.

In addition to the discipline history, the Cal Bar Attorney Search tool provides several other details, including the lawyer’s area of practice, years in practice, law school attended, and their legal status. The status of practice is a critical factor to consider. It enables the public to see if the attorney is currently eligible to practice law.

When it comes to legal disputes, accuracy, transparency, and the ability to navigate complex legal processes are crucial. This is especially true for areas like Dispute Law Brisbane where the legal landscape can be particularly intricate. The Cal Bar Attorney Search becomes a prized tool for anyone seeking legal assistance in these areas.

The Cal Bar Attorney Search isn’t just advantageous for the public. For lawyers, maintaining an updated status not only benefits their reputation but also serves as a vital source of referral business. It can reassure potential clients of their legitimacy and competence in handling legal cases.

However, no tool is perfect and it’s important to understand the limitations of the Cal Bar attorney search. While the tool provides an excellent starting point in the hunt for a reliable attorney, it may not provide comprehensive insight into the lawyer’s skills or their suitability for a specific legal matter. Also, the tool only covers attorneys licensed to practice in California, so it might not be useful when you need legal assistance in other states.

In conclusion, the Cal Bar Attorney Search offers a significant benefit to individuals who need to verify the credentials and disciplinary history of attorneys based in California. The tool provides essential information and transparency that can be crucial when you need legal assistance or to settle a Dispute Law Brisbane matter. As with any tool, while it offers immense benefits, it’s critical to pair its use with other research methods to find the right attorney that suits your needs.

How Much Will You Make With An Mba?

By Mark Warner

If you are like thousands of other students out there, you are considering getting your MBA or Masters in Business Administration. While we all have our own unique motivations for getting the degree of our choice, the amount of money we’ll be making with our degrees is usually of paramount importance. However, not everyone who earns an MBA can be expected to earn the maximum amount of money available for a number of reasons, such as the amount of prestige attached to a particular school’s MBA program, the type of connections you have once you graduate and the type of business you pursue once you have your degree. Let’s take a look at how all three of these variables influence what you can make with your MBA degree.

According to recent statistics, it really is worth staying in school to get your MBA. Starting salary numbers jump significantly when you have your MBA from approximately $56,000 a year to $76,000 a year. When you extrapolate that five years into the future, the earning gap is even larger, with most MBA students earning well over $100,000. There are a number of things that can influence that earning potential, however.

Almost every major university in North America has an MBA program, but not all MBAs are created equally. Just as there are some schools that specialize in microbiology and others that churn out exceptional surgeons, some schools are better known for having solid MBA programs. You can significantly increase your earning potential by graduating from a school like Harvard that has an established MBA program that is highly respected as opposed to graduating from a school that has just started an MBA program.


As many of you know, the real world is less about what you know and more about who you know. Our professors try to hammer into our heads how important it is to network while we’re in school and when you look at the influence networking has on MBA earning potential, you’ll see why. Many times, things like our resumes, where we graduated in our class and the grades we received on our final exams mean very little if you know someone who can start your career off on the right foot. Perhaps more than any other single factor, who you know can determine how much you will make right out of school with your MBA.

Finally, not all types of companies give the same kind of rewards. Just like social work tends to be the lowest earning degree one can get, if you affiliate yourself with a law firm or another business that rakes in the cash, you will likely find significantly higher earning numbers over the life of your degree. The question that many of us have to ask at one time or another is how happy you’ll be working at the job your MBA earns you. Will the extra cash bring you genuine happiness or will working at a job that helps to make the world a better place be a more significant reward?

Earning potential with your MBA is a major concern that almost every student has, however, putting a price on happiness is something that no one can do.

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Specific Powers Of Attorney

There are specific power of attorney that can be given to a person or company to handle the principle’s affairs. Within these specific powers, there are three that are very commonly used. These are special powers, durable powers and durable health care powers.

Special Powers

Special powers is when a person is appointed to follow through on a specific task. Once the task has been completed, the power is no longer in effect. The tasks that can be completed using a special agent can include, but are not limited to:

  • Borrowing money
  • Debt collecting
  • Having access to safe deposit boxes
  • Able to handle banking transactions of all natures
  • Able to handle government issues
  • Decisions regarding the estate including gifting
  • Handling financial decisions
  • Handling business affairs
  • Managing and dealing with real estate issues
  • Dealing with real estate mortgages
  • Handling personal property sales.
  • Real estate sales.

Durable Powers

Durable powers let family members handle the principle’s financial dealings without going through the courts. Many times there may be a spouse, however since they are incapacitated, they may have limited rights to make decisions when there is joint property and finances. The financial powers that can be granted can include, but are not limited to:

  • The claiming of any inheritance and other property
  • Collecting social security and medicare benefits
  • Pay and file taxes
  • Hiring lawyers and court representatives
  • Handling the investing of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
  • Handling and managing the principle’s business affairs
  • Handling and managing any property
  • Handling and managing any and all retirement accounts
  • Handle and manage transactions at the bank and any other financial institutions
  • Pay bills and expenses
  • Buy and sell annuities and insurance policies

Durable Health Powers

Durable health powers is considered an advanced medical directive, since there are instructions within the document detailing what the principle wants to have done once they become incapacitated. The durable health powers do not become active until the principle has become incapacitated. Up until that point, the principle is still in control of their own medical decisions. The majority of states do allow principles to put in the documents that they do not want life sustaining procedures in the event of a terminal illness. However, regardless of what is in the power document, the appointed agent should still clearly understand what the principle wants when it comes to medical preferences.

Keep in mind, that the principle can clearly define and specifically state exactly what powers they are granting to the agent. The more specific the document is, the better. This helps to limit any confusion or issues that could arise once the principle has become incapacitated.

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Virginia Prince William County Dui Reckless Driving Speeding Lawyers Attorneys

Virginia Prince William County DUI Reckless Driving Speeding Lawyers Attorneys


Atchuthan Sriskandarajah

Charles v. Commonwealth of Virginia


Charles was convicted in the Circuit Court of Prince William County of DUI in violation of Va. Code Ann. 18.2-266. He had previously pled guilty to speeding in violation of Va. Code Ann. 46.2-870. Both charges arose from the same course of driving. He asserted that the DUI conviction was barred by Va. Code Ann. 19.2-294.1 because the speeding conviction constituted a conviction for reckless driving.



Whether the DUI prosecution and conviction were barred by the speeding conviction because, under Code 46.2-862, the speeding conviction constituted a conviction for reckless driving?


The Court held that

reckless driving

and speeding were separate and distinct offenses. If the legislature had intended to foreclose a person from being convicted for both DUI and another offense that might also constitute reckless driving, as argued by defendant, it would have expressed that intent in the language of Va. Code Ann. 19.2-294.1. Under the express provisions of 19.2-294.1, only a conviction for reckless driving barred a prosecution for DUI. A conviction for speeding, even if premised on an underlying act that may have warranted a conviction for reckless driving, did not implicate the bar of the statute. Defendant was charged and convicted for speeding under a town ordinance incorporating Va. Code Ann. 46.2-870. He was not convicted of

reckless driving

. Although the Commonwealth could have prosecuted defendant for reckless driving for that offense, it chose instead to prosecute him for the offense of speeding.


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, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina & California. The firm handles criminal/traffic defense, family law, immigration & bankruptcy cases.

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