Digital Picture Frame Buying Guide

By David Rahimi

It’s great when you can capture your best moments on camera. The problem arises when you have to choose only one of those moments to display in a picture frame. But when you have a digital picture frame this isn’t a problem. Digital picture frames allow you to display many images in a slide show format on an LCD screen. They are about the same size of regular picture frames, except the part where you would normally place a picture is where the LCD screen is.

As with most electronics, the features are great but it could be quite a challenge on deciding which picture frame is right for you. Below is a list of things our product specialists recommend our customers to look for when buying a digital picture frame.

LCD Screen Size: Be sure to consider the screen size of the digital picture frame when purchasing. Typically, the larger the screen size the easier it will be for you to see details in your images. Buying a frame that is too small might make your pictures hard to see, which detracts from the mere purpose of a picture frame.

Frame Size: Not only should you consider the size the screen; you should consider the total size including the frame. Make sure that the frame is of the appropriate size for the area on which you plan to place it.


Memory Card/Stick Compatibility: Check to see which types of memory cards/sticks that the frame is compatible with. You may want one that can read the same type of memory that your digital camera uses. Some digital frames come with built-in memory, but often times it isn’t enough to hold as many pictures that a memory card/stick would.

File Type Compatibility: See whether or not the digital picture frame supports the types of images that you plan on putting on it. Be sure that the frame is compatible with the JPEG format, as this is the format in which your camera stores its pictures. Also, you may want a frame that can display more than just pictures. Some models support videos and MP3’s. This may raise the price of the frame, though it could make the picture frame that much more enjoyable.

Frame Style: With all of the things to think about when buying a digital picture frame, you may forget to see whether or not the frame style matches or “fits” with the area you plan to place it in. There are many types of frame designs available, so be sure to find one that “fits”. Some digital frames even come with a few types of frame styles that you can interchange.

Included Accessories: Look for the accessories that come with the digital frame such as an AC adapter, interchangeable frames, remote control, USB Cables, etc.


AC Adapter: An external power supply for your camera or other electronic device that converts AC (alternating current) from a wall plug to DC (direct current). Some AC adapters also double as rechargers.

Built-in Memory: Memory an electronic device has within it to save certain types of data without the need of a memory card.

JPEG: JPEG is a most commonly used standard method of compression for photographic images.

USB (Universal Serial Bus): Connection port on a computer that is universally compatible with many types of electronic devices.

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