The Importance Of Pat Testing

Submitted by: Steve. A Shaw

PAT testing is an abbreviation of portable appliance testing. It simply refers to the process employed in checking the safety and performance of electrical appliances. This is an exercise which is normally aimed at establishing the efficiency and safety of electrical equipments within the house or the office. Electric gadgets are used all over and are vulnerable to mechanical technicalities most of which may cause serious damage to people and property.

Professionally, employers are legally required to ensure that all their electrical devices are maintained regularly. When and how electronic devices are assessed depends on the guidelines provided by health and safety executives. Therefore, if you have electrical devices around you, it is important to take note of this basic knowledge that will help you keep safe at all times and avoid fatal accidents in future.

You can engage in visual checks of your appliance since you are regularly using the device. This way, you will be able to identify frayed or loose cables after which the necessary remedy measures can be put in place. By doing this, you will not have to worry, instead you will simply have to wait for the next assessment being that possible potential dangers will have been prevented. Remember, visual checks are a must and even trained testers must do this before doing any form of maintenance.


This kind of testing should not be done by anyone. This is because it calls for professional training and certification meaning that official approval is required for such kind of work. People with city and guides qualification can do this kind of work best owing to their professional skills and levels of specialisation. Therefore, if you are not qualified, it is highly recommended that you refrain from such an exercise. You may damage your machine or equipment.

As a matter of fact, there are specialized testing equipments which are needed if you are going to perform a good test. Moreover, the result of each test also relies heavily on the judgment of the tester hence most people are advised to seek professional services. They are also preferred when you want to have comprehensive service that a layman can not provide such that when your appliance fails, the technician can repair it on the spot or advice if you need to replace it.

PAT testing is not a process that can be just done haphazardly. This is because there are features you have to factor in before doing your test. For instance, the level of testing that each appliance needs will depend on a number of factors such as which class the appliance falls under. And the classes referred to here are those which are defined by IEC-International Electro-technical Commission.

When it comes to choosing the tools which are used during the process, there are a number of issues that should be put into consideration. For instance, one must have a clear understanding of the specific requirements for the job as well as the capabilities of the tester. Equipped with these details, you can proceed with the testing process.

Pass/fail devices which many people use will simply provide you with details of either a pass or fail and nothing else. But there are more advanced testers which will fundamentally provide a more advanced and in-depth metrics while testing your appliances. Such high end PAT testing devices are mostly found with reliable and credible companies whose focus is keeping you safe and maintaining your equipment in the best possible performance state.

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Working Mechanics Of Taser Guns

Submitted by: Cori N. Baker

At present, it is common to see individuals bringing tasers along with them anywhere they go to protect themselves from criminals. Apart from stun gun and pepper spray, taser gun is one of the preferred self-defense tools of both young and adult alike because it is effective and can also be used as a stun gun.

However, it is best to know the basics and mechanics of taser guns before buying them to ensure the proper use of the device, its legalities and capabilities. This article will give you insights about the working mechanics of the device.

Below are common questions to give you details of taser guns.

1. What is a taser gun?

It is an electrical stunning tool that uses and emits electrical discharges to interrupt the muscle movements of the attacker. It works similarly to a lightning that strikes to the electrical wiring of our house because the current is strong enough to cause damage to the power supply and the functioning of several household appliances.

It is popular these days due to its small size, efficacy and portability. Because its size, no one will suspect that you are carrying a self-defense tool inside your pocket or inside your bag.


2. How does it work?

Once you fired a taser to your attacker, it produces electrical current strong enough to freeze the skeletal muscles of your attacker, thereby incapacitating and immobilizing him and leaving him unconscious for several minutes. It has little barbs that puncture the skin before sending electrical volts and wattage to the attacker s body.

3. Can it cause fire or electrocution?

Despite its ability to immobilize a person, it does not cause electrocution because the output is still the same regardless of the location and condition of the target. More so, the electrical output cannot be transferred to another person even if they touch each other.

Taser cannot ignite black gunpowder or standard solids, but it can ignite flammable vapors, liquids and sensitive explosives, thus it is prohibited to place a taser near volatile substances.

4. What are the aftereffects of tasers?

Once a person is hit by a taser, the pulsating electrical charges can cause involuntary contraction of the muscles and dizziness, thereby resulting to temporary immobility and unconsciousness for about several seconds to 15 minutes.

5. Is the taser s electrical charges lethal?

Even though a taser can emit about 25,000-volts of static electricity, it is not dangerous and cannot cause permanent damage to the internal organs of a person.

6. Is it legal to bring taser everywhere you go?

Tasers are previously issued for use by police authorities as their added protection, but with the rising cases of criminality, it became popular as a self-defense device. Before purchasing one, it is best to know the local laws and legislations because there are some cities and states which prohibit the use of tasers and other self-defense tools. If your city permits the possession of tasers, be sure to get the necessary permits and comply with other requirements needed.

7. What is the maximum range to obtain a best shot?

To get the best shot, you should fire the device seven to 10 feet away from your attacker. You do not need to move closer to the attacker because you have a better chance of hitting him at a distance.

8. What are the danger body zones that should be avoided?

Avoid hitting your attacker in his eyes and face because it can cause permanent damage to the cornea or can cause blindness. It is best to hit him in his torso or back.

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Six Arabian Beauty Secrets Every Woman Should Know}

Submitted by: Danica Reynes

There are several pieces of advice that women in the Middle East will give those who desire to increase their internal and external beauty: eat right and avoid stress; do not go outside in the mid-day sunlight, and if you do, make sure your skin is covered; if you use makeup ensure that you trust the brands you use; and consider whether your natural looks might be enhanced by cosmetic surgery.

Females of Arabic descent are renowned for their attractiveness and grace. Studies also reveal that Arab women have the healthiest and youngest looking skin around the globe. Here are a few beauty suggestions from Arabian women that will help you become more beautiful:

Consume nutritious food in order to feel and look great

Most Arab women find that a healthy diet works best when it comes to looking and feeling great. Cut down on processed foods, choosing more fresh produce as an alternative. As much as possible, take time to buy fresh meat from the market and cook your own food at home rather than buying fast foods. This way, you will get the right energy and nutrients you need for your daily activities and to stay healthy.

Enjoy some spa relaxation to improve how you feel


Many Arab women from the Middle East regularly visit spas to revitalize their skin. A spa is a great place to go to relax, and by lowering your stress you will also reduce the effects of aging, since the two are correlated. They primarily utilize masks and steam cleansing for their body, especially in the facial area. In addition, they are convinced of the advantages of Argan oil for healthy hair and skin. Argan oil, which is typically found in Morocco, contains a number of elements including vitamin E, phenolic acid, carotenes, phenols, squalene and a host of fatty acids that repair dry and damaged hair and rehydrate the skin. Argan oil keeps the skin looking fresher and younger than most women their age.

Remain out of the sunlight’s range during its hours of greatest intensity

You skin requires some consideration so it can stay protected and young looking. The Arab women believe that it helps a lot to stay indoors when the sun is at its peak. The sun’s heat can become very scorching, destroying skin cells and hastening aging. Always apply sunscreen to shield your exposed skin from the sun when you go sunbathing, go swimming or go out at noontime.

Wearing clothes that cover the skin offers added protection

Females in Arab countries wear concealing clothes and scarves to protect their skin. It is recommended that you wear scarves, hats, and the right clothing to cover your skin from the sun’s heat, dust, and other dirt that may harm your skin.

Choose only trusted makeup brands to protect your face

Don’t buy cheap products when you use makeup. You don’t need to purchase the ones that are expensive, but surely don’t buy the low standard brands. The Arabian woman’s secret to protecting her attractive, youthful face lays in her use of superior quality make-up brands.

Plastic surgery is one choice people consider to try to regain their beauty

Arab women put much effort in looking youthful and attractive whether it be in using natural cosmetics or surgery. Women of notoriety or wealth are usually the women who normally choose to have breast implants, liposuction and anti-aging treatments.

If you desire to be as pretty and healthy as Arab females, stay natural always. Choose naturally healthy foods, natural oils and other ingredients for cosmetic treatments, and other natural ways to keep your skin and body protected. Synthetic varieties may damage your skin or body. It is important to choose only the finest synthetic oils to avoid problems.

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The Most Common Services That Electricians Provide

byAlma Abell

The electrical system in your home helps ensure that your lights and appliances work properly when you need them. Over time, wires can become damaged and wear out. This means they will need to be replaced to ensure that your home is safe and that all of your electrical needs are met. Electricians are trained to offer the guidance that you need to help determine the root of your electrical issue and get it fixed quickly. Don’t try to tackle this on your own, as this can lead to frustration and a bad overall experience.


Make sure the electrician you use is properly trained by ensuring they offer the following three services. While not an indicator of their experience, it can help indicate whether they will be able to help you now and in the future. Installation Make sure the electrician you use provides installation services. This can be handy when you need to replace a light fixture or are looking to build or remodel a home. Don’t trust Electricians who don’t offer this, as it could be an indicator of their lack of experience. Ask them about their installation services before deciding if they will be a good fit for you.

Repair – It can be complicated to determine what is causing your electrical issues. Make sure you let a trained electrician diagnose the situation so important and dangerous aspects are not overlooked. They have the training to determine what is causing your problems, and to determine the best way to fix it. Upgrades If the electrical system in your home is older, then it may be time to update it. You can ensure all of the appliances in your home have the electricity they need by hiring an electrician to upgrade your existing electrical system.

They will be able to remove the old wires and run new ones so your homes electrical system is operating safely and efficiently. If you live in the Little Rock area, then make sure you contact Advantage Service Company Inc. They offer the electrical services you need to take care of your issues fast. Don’t delay, make sure your home is safe and that you aren’t dealing with electrical issues by making the call.

Bose Invisible Speakers Installation

By Izzy Khavinson

Bose is known for creating sleek home audio systems and this dedication to streamlined design shows when you prepare to set up a Bose Invisible System. Bose Invisible Speakers Installation seems very simple, compared to other home theaters systems but that what you need to know:

1.The very first thing to do is to measure the depth of your walls and ceiling. Do it before buying! The modern tools make it easy to cut holes in the ceiling or walls and check its depth.

2. Understand the concept of surround sound speakers. These speakers produce the small background noises that generate the feeling of being in the center of the action (surround sound). Proper placement of surround sound speakers is crucial to audio quality.

3. Determine the location to install your Bose Invisible Speakers. These speakers should be located in the rear half of the room, one on each side.

4. Obtain any additional accessories needed for surround sound speakers. Purchase any needed custom-designed wall brackets or floor stands, if needed. These may not be necessary in all cases.

5. Set the speakers in position in the designated location. Make sure you have enough wires to reach.

6. Bose manufactures a variety of products to reduce the number of parts and wires needed, including its Virtually Invisible Speakers. These speakers are designed to be mounted inside a wall or above ceiling and can be installed without special training.

Things you will need for installation:

1. Audio receiver


2. Pencil

3. Keyhole saw

4. Speaker wire

5. Wire stripper

6. Wire clippers

7. Wire running kit

8. Electrical tape

9. Phillips-head screwdriver

Step by step installation:

1. Find the studs in the wall or ceiling with a stud finder and mark them with a pencil.

2. Determine the desired location of the speaker and mark it with a pencil. Most of the speaker body must fit in, so the optimal position for the speaker is at least 4 3/4 inches away from the studs.

3. Place the cutting template against the dedicated space at the point marked with pencil.

4. Trace the outline of the cutting template against the dedicated space with a pencil.

5. Insert a keyhole saw into the space in the center of the pencil tracing of the cutting template. Rotate the saw so it makes a small, circular hole.

6. Saw outward toward the outer edge of the tracing. Saw your way around the outline until it is fully cut out.

7. Insert a finger into the small, circular hole and pull out the cut portion.

8. Insert the keyhole saw and rotate it to make a small, circular hole.

9. Tape the end of a length of speaker wire to the end of a wire running kit with electrical tape.

10. Insert the tip of the wire running kit with the attached speaker wire into the hole and run it to the speaker location.

11. Pull the wire running kit through the speaker hole and pull the wire running kit back out through the small hole.

12. Strip the ends of the speaker wire with a wire stripper.

13. Attach the stripped ends of the speaker wire to the screw terminals on the side rear of a speaker with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Match the “+” and “-” terminals marked on the wire with their corresponding terminals.

14. Run the opposite end of the speaker wire to your stereo receiver. Cut the wire to the correct length with a wire clippers, strip the ends with a wire stripper and attach them to the binding posts at the back of the receiver.

15. Test the speaker by playing audio through your stereo receiver.

16. Insert the speaker into the whole and tighten the screws in the speaker face with a Phillips-head screwdriver to secure it in place.

That is all to it. Good luck.

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